I’m Sorry

How do you say sorry when you can’t? I don’t mean not being able because you are too proud or don’t want to admit you are wrong. I mean how do you say you are sorry when you can’t… when those you want to apologize aren’t around anymore or those you might never see again because life has taken you on different paths. You know you were wrong are filled with regret almost every day of your life knowing you will go to your grave with the regrets but will never be able to look that person in the face, to hug them, to cry, to say “I’m so sorry”. Sometimes we don’t deserve forgiveness but the hardest thing is knowing you’ve done wrong and can’t reach out and take the person’s hand and sincerely apologize.

I can’t… but to those of you I’ve harmed in one way or another, those whose feelings I’ve hurt, those who can never forgive me…those I never deserved to know… please know that I am sorry… I don’t deserve your forgiveness but know there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about or feel regret… I’m sorry.

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