Ugh I Broke my WordPress Blog

WordpressOkay so with the world becoming the way it is becoming, so much more extreme and violent I decided that I didn’t like having my name attached to my WordPress Blog and felt like I should opt for anonymity and as such changed my blog username. Its not that I’m terrified or anything, I just figured the less I’m out there the better.

So as part of changing my username I read the warnings that I would not be able to return to my original name which was fine but with the somewhat vague instructions (delete my site, save my site with old name, lose Gravatar something or another, etc.) I was worried that my blog and its history would disappear. I opted for the “save my site with old name” choice (it was worded something like that don’t take my phrasing as gospel) and thankfully, the result was my username changed and when I opened my blog it was there… perfect. At least perfect until I started to click my recently posted items or my categories which are all going to my new blog with my old name (ironically the name I didn’t want showing anymore) which has nothing posted so my links and categories are going to unused URL’s with blank pages. I guess in time I will fix it somehow, at least all the tags still work.

As I said in line “one” of this posting I  don’t like where our world is going what with all the religious nutcases (be they Muslim, Christian, or whatever), the presidential candidate nutcases and their sycophant county clerk nutcases, the street rioting nutcases, and gun toting militant or college student nutcases, etc. I worry that someday and some point one of these nutcases will use my freedom of speech against me, not that I say anything wrong, but I don’t trust people.  Outside of the dangers posed by our neighbors and community at large I don’t trust that our freedoms will be intact the way they are now, they are diminishing with every passing year and every new national or world event. When I was in the 6th grade I had a very wise teacher that once, while speaking of President Nixon whom he predicted would be dead before we got out of school (don’t ask me why, I don’t remember) also noted that Russia (then the U.S.S.R.) would one day gain freedoms that didn’t exist for them at that time and we here in America would lose freedoms that we enjoyed at that time. Boy was he right!

It really is hard to tell where the most danger is coming from, its all around us. At least at this point in America I don’t have to freak out about the things I’ve posted because most of what I write about are personal observations or experiences that really have no bearing on anything although in some countries I would have already been imprisoned for some of my postings; just my admission of being gay or being an atheist would be cause enough for a death sentence, or at the very least life in prison. Now we have a presidential candidate saying he wants to register Muslims which in itself is not only crazy but it opens a door to so many scary things. Things that could leads to the types of laws that lead to death sentences or imprisonment simply for being who we are, what we write or what we think.  What if King Trump decides that registering Muslims isn’t enough, what if he decides that gays are a danger and decides to register all LGBT folk? But wait, that might not be enough either, lets include Atheists on the danger list, surely they are a threat to Christianity and so many believe that America is a Christian nation. But then what if the Jews start to mouth off? Well lets include them on the list. Oh heck, why stop there, lets create a registry for everything that way no matter what happens those groups can be quickly diverted to the nearest Trump Concentration Camp.

Of course within a day he started backing off {~That’s not what I meant, I mean just those coming into the country, no those born here.} but we all heard what he said. Just like the crap he’s spouting now about thousands and thousands of “Arabs” celebrating in New Jersey when the towers came down, he saw them himself he said (I really don’t recall seeing anything on any American’s celebrating) now, as proof, he is quoting an old Washington Post article in which the author said the “number” of people “questioned” who appeared to be celebrating didn’t even reach the hundreds. I, myself, saw hundreds (if not thousands) of people celebrating the rioting and burning of buildings in Baltimore recently, what does it have to do with anything? It doesn’t mean that all African-American’s were happy to see Baltimore burning. I’m sure some people in this country were happy but for a potential leader of our country to imply or to pit one American against another American just to win an election is at the very least irresponsible and the most a danger to the stability of our country.

Despite what they are doing at this moment in Syria, Iraq, Egypt or even Belgium or France I’m really not that afraid of ISIS (or ISOL or whatever they are being called at any given time) or being blown up by them for being in the wrong place at the wrong time one day, I am truly more afraid of concepts like the Trump SS Soldiers knocking at my door one day and saying “Come with us! You have been flagged in our ‘Registry'”. We can’t just believe that it can’t happen, it happened before, it will happen again. Actually it is happening now on a smaller scale by ISIS, the Taliban, and a host of other ethnic cleansing type groups that want to clear the world of whatever people they decide are not their god’s chosen people.

I just feel like the Middle Eastern people and their conflicts are the least of our worries here in America, I think the religious reaction could be a bigger danger because as people are responding to the terror of the “Muslims” (I’m being sarcastic) religious (and less educated people)(aside from screaming that Christmas is being attacked and their religious rights are being violated) are supporting presidential hopefuls that cater to their every request (except for less educated people) with such rhetoric as “There will be no room in my administration for atheists” or “We need to make America a GREAT Christian nation again” or “We need to register Muslims” while hugging county clerks that commandeer their offices and responsibilities for no other reason that to ram their beliefs down our throats at the expense of the people they were elected to serve, despite of their beliefs. Don’t forget, at least one of our presidential hopefuls plans to fly Ms. Kim Davis to the White House in Air Force One to honor her for her twisted actions. More than just Christians that make up this country. There are Jews, there are Muslims, there are Atheists, there are Agnostics, there are Buddhists and Mormons, there are blacks and white and gays and lesbians, and Asians and  Indians and on and on an on… to negate even one American (“There will be no room in my administration for atheists”) because of their belief is contrary to what this country is all about. Its no different than a bus driver saying “You! Back to the end of the bus” or Hitler saying that he is “acting in accordance to the Almighty Creator” as his cronies shovel the ashes of Jews from the ovens.

With the potential of Trump becoming president and forcing us all to register (imagine his direct marketing campaigns for his businesses once he owns that database) or Huckabee making Christianity the law of the land or Ben Carson forcing us all to pray to the aliens that probe him anally as he recounts the number of people he tried to stab during his days in the hood, being just a few electoral college votes from becoming reality it is scary to think what kind of world this will become.

In reality I fear the lone wolf nutcase, that person that might decide to set an example as the prelude to their shooting spree. Trump and his ilk will try to change and mold the world to benefit their own needs, to ensure that they and theirs will have riches and influence to secure their futures at the expense Palin Gunof the common people but its those people that are polishing their oodles of guns hidden in every nook and cranny of their houses that scare me first and foremost. These are the people that make us hesitate to go shopping, to go to the mall, to go to the movies, to put our names on blogs. These are the people that are far more likely to hurt us as we carry out our day to day business more so that the risk of being blown up by a fanatical Islamist wearing a bomb. Under Trumps rules you will risk being called in during a lottery when his advisors pull names from the registry at random (and while there is always the risk that you will be water-boarded while under a Trump interrogation) odds are that after the torture (is he doesn’t arrest you) you will go home when he’s done with you but its the gun toting nutcases that pose the real danger as they stockpile their semi-automatic weapons capable of wiping out a crowd in a matter of minutes, collecting their guns under the pretense that they will one day fight the oppressive government (Trump) that they elected into office, these are the people that could prove to be a bigger danger.

I’m rambling I know. The dangers are everywhere today. We are all going to die one way or another, hit by a car, cancer, choking on steak, shot by a lunatic, blown up by ISIS,  beaten in inner-city riots, starved in a Trump Concentration Camp, one way or another we are going to all end up in the same place, a void of nothingness. But right now, my biggest concern is to make my links work again so my blog will be back to the perfect little social undertaking I originally envisioned. I hope you take this posting just what it is meant to be, a ranting but yet another “nutcase” (man I’m leaving myself wide open for that one) that worries too much sometimes about stuff that I can’t control.


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