Mein Wundervoller Bruder – Part 3

Continued from “Mein Wundvoller Bruder – Part 2

My aunt returned to Maryland from Georgia, and my eldest brother returned home with his wife. I didn’t have much to do with Thor especially when I found out that the insurance policy named him the sole beneficiary, very odd since he was the one that took paperwork to my mother to sign only days before she died. I remember years earlier when my mother was alive she was going to have surgery on her neck and she told me about the insurance policy and that it was in a drawer in her bedroom, that if she didn’t survive the surgery the policy would cover her, in addition there were individual policies for each of her sons however now that she was dead, there was only one policy and Thor had been at the house for days cleaning it prior to my mother’s death. Thor had her sign some mysterious paper days before she died, Thor was the last to see her in a healthy state, and now Thor was the sole beneficiary of my mother’s insurance. You can understand that I made some conclusions about Thor.

My younger brother made the funeral arrangements and took the responsibility for theflying-dollar-bills-17643787 debt, not Thor with his insurance paperwork, not the elder, and admittedly not myself either.  The other EVIL AMERICAN son handled my mother’s burial but do you know who the German’s sent a $350 check to to help with the funeral costs? You guessed it Thor, the one that now had more money than he had seen in nearly a decade thanks to my mother’s death. Then came the night I turned my back on Thor, the last straw, the night when I knew this man was no longer my brother.

We were at my younger brother’s house, the one that had only earlier signed a contract with the funeral home obligating himself for the funeral expenses when Thor, my elder brother and my aunt arrived at my brother’s home. Thor, very somber stood in the back while the elder explained that my mother had always hated the graves I gave her. My last gift to my parents was being damned now by my elder German brothers. Despite my having given, free, GIVEN, my parents my graves that I and my husband had purchased to bury ourselves I now being told that my gift (which none of my family members helped reimburse me for) was no longer acceptable.  My elder brother said that my mother had always wanted to be buried under a beautiful tree some where… they made it sound like I had cursed my parents to damnation in a cemetery location that wasn’t fit for a dog. They explained that Thor would pay for the new plot and that he wanted to have my father exhumed and moved next to my mother. They also explained that it was only fair that we each sibling reimburse Thor for his expenses. What was this!! The bastard was given money thanks to my mother’s death, a bucketful of cash that my mother had told me was to be used to bury her yet now we, each sibling had to reimburse Thor for his expenses. When Thor spoke next, “It was Mom’s last wishes” I literally crossed my arms and turned my back on Thor. I don’t think I have said more than 10 words to him since.

The odd thing about Thor’s determination to meet my mother’s so-called last wishes be met didn’t seem to care about her wishes during her life. Where was he when he walked out on her in her unfinished kitchen that thanks to his efforts helped to make my poor mother miserable for the last part of her life? Where was he when my husband and I gave my parents a car because they didn’t have one after my younger sister-in-law took their one and only car? Where was he when my niece crashed my mother’s Hover-Round into her TV and she no longer had even a single television, when my partner and I went out and purchased her a new TV? Where was he when my mother wanted to go someplace fun, like the casino, her one joy in life? WHERE? Where was he during the last few years of her life? No where… except for his sporadic visits in which my mother had to reimburse him for any expenses, telling us he seemed so depressed and/or frightening that his visits made her uncomfortable.  Suddenly with a padded wallet Thor was able to be Mr. Big and pay for burial plots and move my father, but only with the stipulation that we siblings pay him back. Suddenly he was there to honor her last wishes. And for what purpose? She was DEAD! It was only a image improving effort to make himself even more of an idol to the Germans that worshiped him as foolishly as the people had once worshiped his namesake, the Norse God… the real Thor.  What a tool!

My mother was buried in February on an extremely cold day which was appropriate in regards to what I was feeling for Thor. I attempted to talk to my eldest brother one day as my mother’s best friend’s son Bill had called me with condolences and then told me that he and my mother spoke a lot prior to her death. He told me that she always spoke highly of me and the eldest telling him that I would pay for everything for her, unlike Thor and the younger. She told Bill that between Thor and the younger she was going bankrupt (of course figuratively, not literally) he even said that she felt guilty because I would never take any money from her. I felt so proud of this, I know that I had borrowed my mother years earlier and in doing so also helped to contribute to my parents not always having the wonderful life they deserved, but I had repaid her above and beyond before she died while two of my siblings sucked as much as they could from my mother’s purse-strings. The eldest didn’t seem to care about this revelation and in fact probably did not believe me but I didn’t and don’t care. I know what my mother had always told me and now what Bill had told me, however I still feel like I didn’t do enough for my mother. I wish now that I would have had the time to support her in my home as she and I discussed during my last visit with her.  I wish so much I would have made more of an effort to make her live in a clean house for her own good, but you have to understand, no matter what you attempted to throw away in her house she would bitch at you to leave her stuff alone, but somehow in retrospect I believe that I could have been more stern and insisted that she allow me to care for her more, this might have resulted to in a happier mother, one that with out all the events leading up the Thor’s cash cow, might still be alive today.

Thor made sure he took my mother’s jewelry. All of it, which included platinum cuff-links with CW engraved in them, these were my initials as these cuff-links were my grandfather’s whom I had been named after, so now not only was the German claiming the German heritage for himself but he was claiming “my family’s” heritage. The family in which none of his blood flowed. My mother had always told me to take the cuff-links but they weren’t that important to me, and admittedly I only cared more about them when I knew that Thor was being benefited yet again by my mother’s death.

Thor stood back and lied about everything and everyone (except me…. he had nothing on me) but he claimed that my younger brother and his wife had taken and taken and taken from my mother, which was true. I know my mother herself told me she paid their mortgage on many occasions, but she also told me she paid Thor’s mortgage as well. Thor had told my husband that a gray van he had driven for years was paid for by my mother. He was the pot calling the kettle black. But the final indignity was when he told everyone that my husband cause my mother her financial woes by taking her to the casino. He claimed that my mother funded my husband which yes, on occasion when times were tight and SHE would call him and say “Let’s go to the casino” she had given him cash, but she had also given anyone and everyone that would take her cash as a bribe to take her to where she loved to go and to spend time with these people. She asked me several times and I think I took her up on it once or twice but not for any money because gambling bores the shit out of me. I would go just to spend the day with her and my husband but usually I would stay home while the two of them would go, and it should be known in the latter years my husband would generally have to give my mother cash before the night was out and he would have to drag her from the casino because she was so desperate to win.

So my mother was buried under a tree, her last wishes (according to Thor) and my father was exhumed and moved to lie next to my mother. It should be noted that the tree has since died and has been removed so my mother’s last wishes are now negated and by the way the tree that was near my mother’s previous grave is thriving so had Mein Wundervoller Bruder had left my mother and father where they were supposed to be buried they would be, while not under a tree, at least near a tree.  Now my parents are lying in the opened in a field with no distinction from one grave to the next.

My eldest brother returned to his home out of state and my aunt returned to Georgia so this left my younger brother and I to deal with Thor and liquidating my mother’s meager assets. She had a small four bedroom rancher and thanks to my aunt and Thor’s efforts was much cleaner than prior to my mother’s death but it was still filled with so much junk, her furniture was not even worth keeping so I paid for a dumpster (YES I PAID FOR IT) not my brother wish his tens of thousands of dollars now thanks to my mother’s death nor did he think to contribute the $350 that the Germans sent to cover expenses, no that was now pocket change for the Great Thor. So we three siblings busied ourselves discarding the garbage from my mother’s house, the broken furniture, the magazines that had accumulated for the last two decades, the clothes circa 1960 and 1970 that my mother insisted would one day come back into style. There was so much junk to remove. We were in the middle of removing this junk when Thor suddenly said “Don’t throw anything away that I can use, I’m going to be living here for a while”… What the Fuck? (This doesn’t deserve a WTF). This house now belonged to all four siblings however Thor armed with my mother’s insurance money was now announcing that he was stealing my mother’s house from his brothers.

See it turns out that the night prior his girlfriend (and mother of his children) who wasabusive_boyfriend_s1 living with him at the time put on some of my mother’s jewelry that the great Thor took with no intention of sharing this small stash that rightfully belonged to all four siblings as well, and my brother told her to take it off. She said no that our mother was dead and what difference did it make if she wore it, by brother insisted again that she remove the jewelry and when she again refused he punched her in the face. So long and short, after the police arrive they told him he had to vacate the residence and now having no place to live he decided that he was going to take my mother’s house.  Now mind you there was still a mortgage on this house to be paid every month and my brother stayed in the home or at least kept possession of it for nearly a year. Guess what though, when it came time to dividing the cash the Great Thor wanted his siblings to divide the mortgage payments by four so that we would be subsidizing his rent while he kept our mother’s house as his own.

So when Thor told us that he was keeping the house I simply turned to my partner (no husband) and said “Come on, we are leaving” and we left with the dumpster I had paid for sitting in my mother’s driveway. There was no way that I was going to keep cleaning up the house for his use. Thor had also found an attorney and made himself the executor of this tiny estate so now he had all the cash from my mother’s insurance, the $350 from the Germans, the house, the full control of my mother’s belonging and the respect of my European relatives for being the model and ideal son while we American sons were garbage not worthy of being spit on. So this year passed and nothing was done, Thor lived in my mothers house and was living on his insurance money and odd jobs as a handyman. When my brother finally moved back to his home being the cheapskate he is he turned the heat of in the house and not surprisingly because of this the water heater froze and burst, so my brother purchased a new water heater but added this expense to my mother’s estate so he had destroyed the water heater by his being so frugal and then we three siblings had to share in the expense of this debacle.

I spoke to the lawyer every few months and he would continue to tell me that Thor had not been in touch with him, it appeared that Thor had no intention of liquidating my mother’s assets, why should he, he had everything. This was when I had to take control of things, per the lawyers advice I had by elder and younger siblings sign papers authorizing me to assume the leadership of my mother’s small estate and then informed the Great Thor that he had been usurped in his role of dictator over his siblings’ shared property.


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