When I was a Kid I wanted to Write…

When I was a kid I always wanted to be a writer. I remember telling my 5th grade teacher Ms. Lipscomb that I expected when I was grown I would either be a writer or a journalist Writerand I remember her very clearly telling me that with my “shy” personality she could envision me as a writer but not as a journalist telling me that journalists had to be aggressive and out front to get the story. I remember thinking that she was right, I wasn’t the type of person to be forceful and step on other’s toes to achieve my goals. Sure I’ve learned in life that sometimes you need to disregard others as they would disregard you in order to move on in life and a perfect example is my former brother Norbert, a man that at one time i adored that during my mother’s passing showed his true colors, the greed and contempt a person could have to achieve his goals at the expense of others. (See “Did Thor Kill Jord?“)

Over the years I have attempted to write but it has never gone anywhere and I do not have the confidence anymore that I have the ability to write anything of interest but I’m making my first real effort in a story I’m calling “The Provenance” and posting on “Blogspot”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any foolish notions of being a novelist or anything so silly as that but I do have a need to once and for all write a story even if it takes me 10 years to do it. I don’t have the drive that I had a kid when I would sit in front of a portable typewriter and attempt to write stories of dystopian society or end of the world scenarios (i.e. Nuclear war… remember that when I was a kid it was during the time of the cold war with the USSR and society at that time was ripe with fears that any day we would see mushroom clouds on the horizon) all of which ended in 10 to 15 pages before I was consumed with boredom and would retreat to the TV to watch Gilligan’s Island or Hogan’s Heroes on one of the 5 television channels we had at the time.

As I age my brain functions seem to be slowing, I have trouble grasping words or expressing my thoughts or lack of the ability to describe my thinking correctly so I am not foolish enough to believe that The Provenance is a well written story but I do believe that the notion of an America appropriated by religion and its fictional deity and especially in the wake of ISIS or ISOL or whatever its called, the idea of a new world order doesn’t seem that far-fetched and especially as non-believers we Americans that watch the world being destroyed by stories in books like the Bible or Koran or the less likely catalyst of death and mayhem, the Satanic Bible, have as much meaning as the Easter Bunny or Santa. When I think of The Provenance the idea does not seem unreasonable. I mean could you imagine beheading people over whether Easter Eggs should be striped of solid? When I hear that people are killing each other over religion to me they might as well be killing each other over whether Rudolph truly did save Christmas one foggy eve.

Anyway I, like so many people that have talked about writing, have realized after boasting about concepts or ideas that you would one day put on paper and in the end never having done more than written a few pages and feeling foolish for said boasting the next time you see those individuals to whom you bragged, am finally making my “final” effort at this dream. I feel like I’m on the right track as I’ve developed spreadsheets containing timelines and character facts, and over the last 3 months tried to remain consistent. I’m doing my best to truly write a story that I thought I would one day write when answering Ms. Lipscomb’s question of “What do you want to do when you are grown”.

So the following is the link to “The Provenance” and is far from complete. I expect I will edit, write, and re-write over the next year or so before I finally decide the story is done… so if you even bother to read what I’ve written so far, please, for now, excuse the typos, the grammar, and other minor errors… but I hope you enjoy my story….


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