Sorrow and Sadness


Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person on this planet that realizes that this world is filled with nothing but sorrow and sadness, death and mayhem, a relentless and unforgiving planet consumed by war and disease; ruled by a fictional and angry god dreamed up by a despicable populace that want nothing more than to see an end to whatever goodness there could be to satisfy their imaginary deity’s sick joy and perverted pleasure.

The other night I dreamed about my mother and I didn’t think about until I was at a party last night… I was talking about something or another, quite possibly in a drunken stupor while making a spectacle of myself when I suddenly recollected waking up in the middle of the night with tears in my eyes… thoughts of my mother… she too crying and telling me that she will always love me and always be there for me. I was literally crying when I woke up. A nightmare of emotions and for what? A fantasy that I made up during REM.

What a crock of shit that our subconscious can make us feel sorrow, isn’t in enough that we live every single day with sadness, sickness, war, murder, death, and disease??? Do we have to dream about things to give us sorrow during our only respite from the evil mankind has reaped on this one and only life?  I hope I never dream of my mother again. I don’t want that kind of hope intruding on the reality of a this awful existence. I want to die knowing what this world is, an evil place marred by the history of a human race who are less worthy to inherit this planet than the rats and vermin that spread the diseases to which we succumb.

The mass murderers of our past now long gone, Hitler, Stalin, (of course recently replaced by the soon to be mass murders Paul Ryan and Donald Trump) and their ilk being replaced by the fanatically religious that seek to rule our planet while ignorantly and blindly committing the same atrocities that we swore we would never forget and never let happen again (Trump after all is the reincarnation of Hitler), only this time the atrocities are done in the name of gods like Mohammed and Yahweh… gods that do not, never have, and never will exist.  Done in the name of love and kindness, to save lost souls the worshippers committing the worst sins in the name of love…what is better than to kill and suppress those that do not realize that they are damned for not believing the fictions of ancient man?

We wake up every day and some of us thank our fictional gods for giving us another day and other’s wake up and wonder why their god has inflicted another yet another day of pain and sorrow. People wake up and wonder what they will eat, if they can even find food contrasted by those like King Trump or his boss Vladimir Putin who will wake up to the opulence and wealth, not a care in the world, gluttons that devour food and drink that some will never even know can exist, and worse yet take from those that suffer the hunger pangs that keep these monsters fat and happy. Finally there are the others that will wake up and take joy in killing and maiming, joy in taking a life, abusing children and raping the weak, murdering innocents and causing cruelty that many men can never imagine… and while all this is going on the majority will say “God is good, he has a plan”… Well FUCK YOUR GOD!

So today you thank your god… Thank him for the sadness and sorrow that results ever second of every minute of every hour of every day… the horrors he or she creates to which he or she turns a blind eye. Fall to their knees and thank him for your own selfish achievements and desires… God is good…NOT!


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5 Responses to Sorrow and Sadness

  1. The world of cruelty that you describe is what the world looks like without God: man gone wild.
    Epicurus, in your quote is simply being a child who winks someone out of existence because they don’t act the way Epicurus thinks they should act.
    Western Civilization, the civilization that atheists love so deeply and dearly, is Christian. The values that atheists love are Christian values.
    Without Christianity and Western Civilization the world will simply return to the hell hole that man, left Godless, will create for himself.

    • The world I describe is the world as you and your fictional god wishes it to be… those of us that are godless know that this world would be much better without your oppressive, discriminative, and hateful god and legion of mindless sheep (you) that perpetuate hate and death while idolizing and worshipping a deity created by men far more ignorant than modern day cats and dogs and first graders….

      • Calvin,

        You and I live in the greatest, most prosperous, most just, most technologically advanced civilization in world history thanks to Christianity.

        You can go to the mall and shop. You can text anyone of your family and friends by phone. You have plumbing and running water that keep you clean.

        You have great chariots that can take you anywhere you want to go by land, sea or air.

        Clearly, someone peed in your Cheerios and your rage is clouding your vision.

  2. I agree… but the difference here is that your belief of a fictional god and creating laws around archaic beliefs of primitive men have held us back both morally and scientifically… In the future you and your kind will be known that the hindrance of man’s achievements, a shameful embarrassment, because you can’t accept that you are a creature of stardust and not some mythical and imaginary sky king that primitives created to try to understand why it rains…. and know the best thing for the advancement of mankind is for you and people like you and your beliefs to be rotting in the ground…. so that man can truly achieve the greatness that it has the ability to achieve.

    • Calvin,

      Have you ever wondered why modern science and our modern understanding of human equality only developed in Western Civilization?

      The answer is Christianity.

      That Christianity somehow impeded science and the development of human rights is a simple yet persistent lie.

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