Bad world.pngThis life is not good.  I was lying in bed last night pondering the question so many of us ask ourselves so often “Why are we here?”. We are born and at some point realize we exist (See: We Exist) and then begin our lives, but what is the purpose? We sleep, we work, we sleep, we work, we sleep, we die. Some of us are lucky enough to achieve greatness, fame, or wealth during our rotation of sleep and work while waiting for death but the majority of us will die never having accomplished anything other than having existed. Some people might say their life had value for having procreated, successful in creating sleeping, working and dying offspring. Sure, during our lives, we have some love and laughs but the love often turns to heartache and those laughs are far outweighed by pain and sorrow. So we cycle through, sleeping, working, and eventually dying…and to what end?

Are we truly here for no other reason than to worship a heartless god? Or as I mentioned above, here to procreate? Is the point of this life to strive to live good and in comfort, as the 1% in our country, denying the 99% the same? To go to bed each night with a full belly and content in our accomplishments regardless of how damaging or oppressive those accomplishments were to others? Some people believe we are here just waiting for the next life, they believe this life isn’t important, its what waits for us after death that’s important. That whole concept is absurd and thankfully a growing portion of our populace are coming to their senses in regards to the foolishness of the notion of an ultimate creator. However a majority continue to believe there is some divine plan that has one purpose, for us to do nothing but die so we can live the perfect life afterwards, a second life of wonder and grandeur sitting next to this creator that has cursed us with this first life. If we are here in this first life to prove that we are worthy of a 2nd more divine existence then there isn’t a single person deserving of that 2nd life. There is not a single person on this planet that could say that they truly deserve what the holy books and scriptures say awaits them after this life. So what happens to everyone? Do we all burn for eternity for simply struggling through an existence that no one asked for or wanted? No one can live be the laws of that stupid book we call a bible and if you were to try you would end up in jail because our morals and laws defend and protect us from the absurdity of the rules set down to us by ancient shepherds.

People are bad, we are unworthy, and we try to justify our atrocities and ill-doings by referring to the teachings of primitive men, sheep herders, and nomads that tried to make sense of a world they were too ignorant to understand. The reason we are here, the things we do, why we die and how to live in between all dictated to us my men long rotten in the ground. Today, thousands of years later men are still fighting over the words handed down verbally through generation after generation until finally hundreds of years after these fantasies were supposed to have happened someone finally put them down on paper. Do you remember that game you used to play in 5th grade where your teacher would make you stand in a line, all classmates end to end, and the first would whisper something in the first person’s ear and tell them to pass it on, by the time it got to the last person the statement was nothing like the words originally whispered.  Imagine the same thing happening not with just 20 students but with thousands of people over several generations. Yes then men might walk on water, women might be born of ribs, floods may devour the earth, unicorns might roam the wilds, talking snakes may warn of apples…and we stupid modern people take these stories literally as if they actually happened. Picking and choosing what rules we decide are the best for each of us individually. Those of us that hate homosexuals, those of us that think other races are subservient, those of us that are afraid to eat pork. We interpret and twist the words to suit our own needs, at least those of us who claim to be believers.

Everything in this world is bad, if it isn’t people slaughtering each other over one true god over another then its Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Earth Quakes, Flash Floods, Landslides, diseases, etc., and then we stupid people say to comfort ourselves “God works in mysterious ways” or “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle”. Ever notice its usually the survivors of the storms that say this, that is to say the people that have lost the least (of course the dead can’t speak anymore)…while those poor souls that have lost homes, family, children, pets, and everything they have ever worked for are supposed to take solace in knowing that their god has only given them what they are capable of handling? If it isn’t people dying of cancers, AIDS, fevers, and disease, its children dying in deadly school shootings, its robbers shooting convenience store clerks, pedestrians shot in drug or gang related drive-bys or lovers spurned and driven to kill those that have wronged them. Idiocy!

Why are we here? Some people do their best to do good…however they are usually punished or killed for their efforts; they try to share something that will be of value to others; benefit the human species with words of inspiration about the power of tolerance, diversity and love but all too often fanatical religious intolerance will be used to force these wondrous people into silence by beating, imprisoning, or killing them to satisfy the a fictional sky man that if he truly existed has done nothing comparable to these martyrs to what is right because religion works so hard to separate and denigrate us, to divide us so our imaginary gods can drive the devout to harm one another at the expense of those of us who don’t believe.

So I guess I will continue to lie in bed at night pondering our existence; confused and frightened to know that our politicians are making laws based on the ancient ignorance of men (women had no say), men who would cowar along with their camel and sheep during an angry gods thunderstorm; a world where a majority of our population continue to worship these gods (yes gods as there are still 1000’s of religions in this world, outside of the few major religions) and we will continue to kill and maim in an effort to satisfy the needs of man made deities in our unlikely and desperate hopes we will be guaranteed a second life.


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