Did Thor kill Jord?

Thor1For the last few years I’ve wondered, truly wondered what happened to my mother, Jord, Goddess of the Wild Earth. I’ve always had my suspicions and despite being an evil creature I can’t imagine that Thor would have truly murdered Jord but in the back of my mind, I wonder. Jord was doing well in her recovery after her ailment, she was looking forward to returning home and we, together, decided she would move in with me, she was no longer capable of caring for herself, becoming frail with age.

I am Tyr, God of War, brother of the great Norse God Thor, the strongest God among the Aesir. While Thor is busying himself creating Thunder for all to awe and envy I have been caring for and speaking with Jord, planning her future, ensuring that her last years would be good years. Before her death I spoke with Jord and discussed the living arrangements once she would come to reside with me however little did I know with the conclusion of this conversation this would be the last day that I would see Jord alive. You see after I left Jord her caretakers indicated how they would miss her presences when I relayed the wonderful news that she would be in recovery only a few more days but hours after Thor visited Jord she was dying. (See “Inge’s Folly” and “Mein Wundervoller Bruder – Part 1” and “Mein Wundervoller Bruder – Part 2“)

Jord had birthed another son, younger than myself Kab the God of Idleness and Leisure. Jord had expressed to Kab on occasion she feared Thor because his behavior could be so erratic, Thor could be frightening at times, too much liquor and other mortal concoctions that would make one high and on top of the world or angry and hateful. Thor was often out of control but could he have actually killed Jord? I wonder. There was a time when Thor wasn’t evil, he was always selfish and arrogant, but he wouldn’t harm anyone or anything but many years of drinking and drugging had changed the God, he was often irate and angry. His arrogance stemmed from his hey-day when he was worshiped as the God by the Nordic peoples however as this false Christianity took foothold and belief in our powers began to weaken so did our drive and inspiration, we were all dying slow deaths. I had always looked up to Thor, Thor was very handsome and very popular. I would forever live in Thor’s shadow.

Thor moved out of Jord’s home when I was very young as he was approximately 10 years older so there was never a very close relationship between the us, however I respected him as my older brother and the adored God that he was. Thor lived with Sif, Goddess of the Grain for many years and the two seemed destined to get married however Sif found someone else and their relationship ended after several years together. Sif was always superior to Thor in almost every way, in upbringing, in education, in career, etc.  It was no wonder that Sif would choose to move on.  Thor became bitter and this was when he started drinking.

It didn’t take long before Thor found another and she was a beautiful soul… a wonderful woman and soon Thor married Jarnsaxa, Goddess of the Sea.  Jarnsaxa was good for Thor, he started smiling again and you could see that the two loved each other. Jarnsaxa was also good for our mother Jord and our father Odin, the King of the Aesir and God of War and Death. not to mention Thor’s siblings, myself (Tyr) and the younger Kab.

Jarnsaxa was festive and would arrange all sorts of family get-togethers, she would ensure the holidays were done well and that all would enjoy themselves. Jord often commented that Jarnsaxa was one of the best things that ever happened to the family. But living with Thor can be difficult, his arrogance and anger overwhelming at times and even Jarnsaxa was not always able to control Thor. Despite how perfect one may be for him, soon Thor’s true colors begin to show and what love there is for the God grows cold and distant. Soon Jarnsaxa divorced Thor. Again Thor became bitter and returned to the drink.

Thor continued to find solace in spirits as well as the other mortal substances he discovered among the lowest forms of humanity and his life began to revolve around these illicit pleasures. Sexually and physically he was becoming a slave to his new found methods of gratification and dealing with his mortality as his worshippers continued to fade, soon it was only the most distant of souls that still adored him, those in other continents, those who did not know him for the person he had become. It seems the days of being worshiped as a God were coming to an end.

Thor’s life began to crumble soon left his job creating Thunder and Lightning and ruling the other the other Gods. He began working doing odd jobs and largely relying on his mother, Jord, to help him make ends meet, using her ever diminishing wealth to maintain his lifestyle. Thor’s change of life allowed him to shed the responsibilities that had bound him to what was a respectable existence and as a result would find himself is such situations as we me met Amma, Goddess of the Lost. After a night of solace Thor found himself in a tryst with his male friend Thialfi (Servant of Thor and champion runner, a Squire endowed with superhuman strength) and female Amma, one third his age. The orgy in which not only did Thor enjoy Thialfi’s penis, Thialfi pleasured both Thor and Amma orally. The drunken night of debauchery resulted in Amma’s being impregnated by Thor and soon children were born to the two. Thialfi never penetrated Amma preferring the taste of his male companion Thor so there was no doubt as to who was the father.

Thor and Amma determined to raise their children as a family and despite there not being much in common between the two moved in together living in the house that Thor had purchased some 20 years earlier. Thor did what ever he could to support his family and if that meant taking from his parents, Odin and Jord, then so be it, his parents would have to suffer so he could prosper.

One particular visit Thor, pleading for money to support his family (and drinking) promised to improve Odin and Jord’s dwelling but in exchange he required a large amount of cash. Jord later told me that Thor never returned to do the improvements nor did he return the cash. Jord said that at one point Odin exclaimed “When is your son coming back with either our money or improvement” it never happened. Thor had little to do with Odin and Jord always sitting back and pointing a finger at his younger siblings, myself and Kab the younger as if we had the responsibility to support and care for Jord and Odin’s well-being in their final years all the while Jord supplemented Thor’s family in every way, if not for Jord Thor’s children and Amma would have surely suffered pangs of hunger. But Jord kept Thor’s family going by helping by making payments on his house, paying for the family’s utilities, giving them money for food… Thor no longer Godlike, a mere mortal never repaid a dime.

But Money was becoming scarce for Jord and Odin too, they could hardly afford to maintain themselves let alone Thor and his family turned a blind eye to it. When Odin and Jord lost their chariot I stepped in and gave our parents a spare chariot that I was no longer using. Our parents were suffering and Thor was blind to what I or Kab the younger did to help our parents. To Thor it was his younger sibling’s obligation to care for the parents whom he now treated as his personal bank.

When Odin died Jord did not have the money to bury him so the government offered to assist by putting him in a plot many miles from where Jord lived, the pittance that the government offered to pay for the additional burial fees were in gratitude for Odin’s time in the military, and in fairness it was more than the military had to offer, they were under no obligation so even the smallest amount was better than nothing. I owned two burial plots that I would not need (hopefully) for quite some time and to help out my mother Jord I gave her the plots, they were close to her home and would save her a lot of money. Jord was forever grateful, none of my siblings offered reimbursement for the plots… Not Thor, not the Kab younger, not the eldest home whom lived in a far off land and traveled to our village for the funeral. I did not ask Jord for any funds and I took sole responsibility for my father’s Odin’s burial. Jord paid what she could but if not for my help with the plots Jord would have been alone, struggling to pay the fees while continuing to support Thor.

My spouse and I did our best to entertain Jord during her initial years of solitude. My spouse would take Jord to enjoy her one vice in life, gambling. We would often take Jord shopping or out to eat and Jord would exclaim how much she loved these excursions and cherished the time she spent with us. Jord would also frequently visit the Kab the younger and his family. They would have her for dinner and ensure that she generally was not alone, especially on important occasions such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. At one point I pulled Thor and Kab the younger together to remember the first year that Jord and Odin were apart and the three of us along with our families took Jord out to dinner and celebrate our memories of Odin. Kab the younger and his spouse did their best to aid Jord, tending to her lawn, doing her shopping. I would also shop for Jord but unlike Kab I never asked for reimbursement for the foods I purchased. Thor visited very little however occasionally he would bring this offspring to see their grandmother the children conceived during drunken orgy while Thialfi’s penis was stuck up his ass. Usually on these visits Thor would bring a feast for Jord and his children however always Jord always offered and Thor always accepted cash reimbursement for these feasts.

Thor never assisted Jord in any way other than when it benefited him to scoff at his sibling, to make his one or two small efforts appear to be grand gestures and he would be sure to share his tributes with the Gods and Demi-Gods of foreign lands, his way of maintaining his god-like idolization was to force it down the throats of others while belittling those that truly cared for Jord in her final years. It ploy was successful, those of the foreign lands adored Thor while judging myself and Kab believing that we were not caring for our mother Jord.

Jord’s age began to catch up with her and little by little the things she enjoyed, the shopping, the gambling, etc. all became too strenuous and when the opportunity would come up to go on an excursion she would generally say that it was too much trouble and preferred to remain home in solitude.

Jord continued to support Thor financially and in fact went into debt by using her own dwelling as collateral. Jord’s dwelling had been fully paid off years prior however with Thor’s help she was now struggling to make ends meet, robbing Peter to pay Paul. The German Gods and Georgian Demi-Gods continue to worship Thor as they learned to despise me and Kab the younger believing Thor’s lies. He would spin such lies as Kab the younger and his spouse were the ones taking Jord’s funds to cover his own effort to support his family at Jord’s expense.

Jord would often express that she feared Thor to both myself and Kab the younger saying she believed Thor was capable of causing her harm but despite his occasional bizarre behavior neither I nor Kab the younger believed the man could be so demented as to harm his own mother… that is until the day when Kab the younger considered calling the police believing Thor had abducted Jord against her will.

There came this day when Jord left a voicemail on the younger’s phone saying that Thor was coming to take her to his house for the weekend. Later when Kab tried to reach Thor or Jord there was no answer… later Kab the younger received a voicemail from Thor in which he believed he could hear Jord screaming in the background and when he attempted to call back there was no answer. Kab immediately became worried that Thor was forcing Jord to remain with him so he could benefit from whatever cash she had left. Kab was actually worried that Thor would harm Jord, in fact worried he was capable of murdering Jord. The younger called me and relayed his concerns. I felt that the younger was over-reacting however did state that if we did not hear from either one or the other we would call the police later. Jord was returned home but was never quite herself, we believe that Thor had either drugged her or threatened her.

Jord became ill at one point and went to the hospital for surgery. She was so frightened that she would not survive the surgery that she me she had obtained insurance policies to cover her death expenses and burial, she did not want us to have to go through the financial burden that she had endured after Odin’s death. She wanted to review the location of the documents but I refused to hear anymore. I told Jord that nothing was going to happen and if something did happen I would find the paperwork, she need not concern herself with us during this time, she should concern herself with recovering. Jord did survive the surgery and she continued to support Thor.

Finally Jord became so ill that she needed to go to hospital where it was determined that she had a urinary tract infection. Due to her age the doctors felt that once she recovered from this in the hospital she should spend a short stint in a nursing home until well enough to return home. Jord was so frightened that she would never leave the nursing home and despite my assurances that she could and would come to live with me she cried frequently during the stay. Jord would frequently become somewhat confused during her stay in the nursing home sometimes rambling incoherently due to the medication and the infection and Kab the younger did not trust Thor who seemed to be inserting himself more and more into Jord’s care as if anticipating a reward, salivating at what riches lie beyond her demies. Kab asked Jord to be sure that if Thor came to her with anything to sign that she delay the signing until she had the opportunity to share whatever it was with both me and Kab however, sadly, Jord said it was too late, that Thor had already visited her with documents in hand and Jord had signed them. When the younger asked what they were Jord said she didn’t know. Thor had taken his mother’s power of attorney.

Jord’s health became worse before it improved and at one point it began to appear as if she would indeed never come out of the nursing home however another week went by and her health improved immensely. I visited Jord frequently never seeing Thor there but Jord told me he would randomly visit. One day I was visiting Jord and she was feeling much better, in fact she was smiling she told me that her doctor had been there only a short time earlier and said she could go home in the next day or two. She was so very happy and I reminded her that she would be moving in with me, that we would be taking care of her and she agreed. She had finally realized that her care was more important than her independence. We had a lovely visit with talking about converting the lower level of the house in to her own private living area and setting up a small refrigerator and microwave for her. It would be like her own private apartment. Then we veered off into politics and other small talk. I kissed Jord goodbye and left the nursing home.

Two hours later I was sitting with a couple friends having coffee when my spouse called. Thor had arrived to our mother’s room shortly after I had left Jord when she suddenly became so ill that she needed to be taken to the hospital and it didn’t look good. How could this be? When I had seen Jord she was happy and ready to go home… You often hear about people regaining their energy and will to live shortly before dying but that is generally a flook, they don’t have their doctor’s declaring them healthy and telling them they will be going home and they certainly don’t have Thor visiting.

Jord died 2 days later in the hospital, Thor hardly left her side while she was dying. It was odd that while she was alive his visits were in frequent and only to get a power of attorney signed. Was there foul play? The death of an old woman in her 70’s is hardly suspicious so when she finally did pass the doctor’s just put down natural causes but something doesn’t sit well with me.

Thor had much to gain from Jord’s passing but would he kill her? And if he did how did he do it? Obviously he had access to the many mortal drugs that he had been taking himself, perhaps an induced overdose? Perhaps no one would question the sudden death of an elderly woman. Thor owed her a huge debt and the fact she was tapped out, his odd jobs could not possibly pay his mortgage and other bills and support his family. Perhaps Jord had shared the news that she would be moving in with me. Of course that would entail selling her home, the only thing that was left for Thor to count on. With Jord’s demise the house would be sold, there would be money in the bank (however little) and there would be jewelry her jewelry among a few other trinkets of treasures. It also turned out that the insurance money that Jord had told me about suddenly had all the money going directly to Thor which solidified any question in Kab the younger’s mind as to what papers Thor had Jord sign during her dementia. Thor did so much to sway his family that the German Gods even sent him $750 to use toward Jord’s burial however Thor made his sibling split the cost of the burial despite having gotten his inheritance and insurance money, all the funds he received from Jord’s passing was a payday win for him, one like he had never seen before.

It is many years later, I have not been in contact with Thor in anyway and the last I heard he was not a frail old man himself. I will always wonder if Jord’s passing was helped along by Thor, it was well known that Thor had access to many illegal drugs and who would really question the death of an old lady in a nursing home? Would anyone look to see if there was a foreign substance streaming through her blood, something that had killed her? Thor tried to be with her the entire time she was dying, some would say he was being a caring son, others, like myself might think that a criminal returns to the scene of the crime, especially if he’s worried that something might be found out because his victim didn’t die as quickly as he had hoped…

Thor continues to be worshiped by the German Gods and the Demi-Gods as a fine son… while Kab the younger and I are despised. Our blood is tainted as we are not true Gods, we are 1/2 Gods while Thor is 100% God. The whole ordeal although a decade old as I edit and repost this entry continues to disturb me to this day.

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