scrutinyLast night while I was flipping through the channels I caught yet another blurb about this IRS debacle and I have to admit that I am just not interested. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. So who cares if a political or non-profit group gets extra scrutiny when they apply for something as huge as tax exemption especially when our government needs money so badly. These groups are asking for special treatment, they want the ability to not to have to pay taxes the way everyone else does and you can be sure even if they are approved they are still going to comment and contribute dollars to government interests to ensure that things will go their way or reflect their leanings. I was taking a shower this morning thinking about Boehner’s comment about people needing to go to jail and some Republican woman saying that Obama needs to comment (now mind you these are just snippets that I’ve heard, I’m sure that there is a lot more being said). Why does Obama need to comment? Its not that big of a deal. We have a Republican congress that has no other agenda other than to stop our President from doing anything. Their agenda is to stop our leader from making our country great. Their agenda is to destroy one of our greatest and most influential President’s legacy.  Whatever the IRS is doing when they investigate anyone that asks for special privileges unless they have something to hide, why should they care? I can’t help but remember what Hillary Clinton was saying during the Benghazi witch hunt hearings…“What difference does it make?!?!”

These people crying for arrests, resignations, apologies…they are doing this before they know the whole story…and I will admit I’m writing this without knowing the whole story but I think  this only matters if those that were “scrutinized” were turned down because they were affiliated with some political organization. Isn’t “scrutiny” what is supposed to happen? I don’t understand what all the whining is about. I am glad that organizations that have political or seem to be biased based on their names get a closer look, just like I’m glad when I get on a flight that someone with a name that’s similar or the same as a terrorist will be “scrutinized” or given a closer look. Its our government’s responsibility to ensure that people and organizations that may be questionable be given a closer look. These big babies need to get over themselves. If you don’t want to be scrutinized then don’t ask your government to give you special treatment by making you tax exempt. Once you have this “exempt” status your butt needs to stay out of politics anyway. Just like that isn’t a church in this country that shouldn’t keep its mouth shut or if they want to become political and influence our government then start paying your god damned taxes you hypocrites!

For all we knew when these “Tea Party” groups started popping up all over the country they could have been extremist revolutionaries that may or may not have been preparing to topple our government, touting their rights to bear arms. I mean everyone seems to think that their right to bear arms is because they are going to stand up to the United States of America Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force. Yeah, take you little pistol and face that tank that pulls up in your driveway, big shot. When the missile barrel is lowered and pointed at your house that little “BB” gun of yours is going to be worthless. You just want your gun to act like some bad ass. Shoot someone, see where it gets you. Burglar or not, you are going to face a law suit, fines, and possible imprisonment. What good is that gun to you? You can’t use it other that to play like your some tough dude (or dudette) that is going to represent all of us as our “freedom fighter”.

I am glad that these suspicious (yes suspicious) groups were given a closer look. Just as I would be glad to see a group called the Gay Liberation Movement being given closer scrutiny and I’m gay. I don’t want a bunch of queers overthrowing our government. No matter what we think we are living in one of the best countries in the world. We just sit back and whine “Wah… I want special rights, I don’t want to pay taxes, but I don’t want you to ask me why, I just want special treatment!” And you say we queers want special treatment because we want the right to live our lives, keep our jobs, get married, have legal protections, all the things that you enjoy. I don’t want any “movements” or “parties” or “patriots” or “revolutionaries” being given carte blanche tax exemptions especially if they are going to continue to have a say in how and what our government does. Once you get that tax exemption it should be taken away the minute, no the second, that group weighs in on anything political.

Now they are calling for arrests… Are we going to arrest everyone in Congress for giving the IRS this “greater scrutiny”? I mean aren’t you doing to the IRS right now exactly what the IRS is doing to these special groups? The difference is you are being critical of them for doing their jobs. Perhaps Congress should be scrutinized for NOT doing its job. Who ever heard of a political groups agenda being to oppose whatever a President wants to do. Just because you are the majority now Mr. Republican Congress person. Remember, what goes around comes around. When you are no longer the majority or when you put another actor into office don’t forget how you’ve treated our first African-American President (Oh right, I should scratch the words “African-American” because you say that has nothing do with it…its just coincidence just like its coincidence that you accuse this “Christian”, Hawaiian born AMERICAN of being a Muslim foreigner. First off who cares what the fuck his religion is and second that last time I looked Hawaii is part of the United States.

What about you fools scrutinizing Hillary Clinton because YOU wouldn’t fund overseas U.S. Embassy. You denied funding and people were killed (not as many as during Bush’s reign but you don’t care about that do you?) and now you are going to blame the Secretary of State? Shouldn’t  we be going after you for what you are doing? Should we arrest all the people that are giving the Benghazi attack speaking points “greater scrutiny”? Shouldn’t Trey Gowdy be arrested for scrutinizing Hillary? I mean isn’t that their job? What’s next? Arrest people at the FDA for scrutinizing drug companies? Arrest police for scrutinizing criminal suspects? Arrest the FBI for scrutinizing anyone? Everyone was screaming because the recent bombers weren’t scrutinized… now they are screaming because people are being scrutinized.

We are the STUPIDEST people! Next thing you know we will elect some fool like Donald Trump as president!

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